Dear @twitter, get your shit together.

I got locked out of Twitter. Again.

I still don’t know what is it that I did to ‘deserve’ the forced upon me lockout and shadow ban the first time it happened.

The reasons could span from witchcraft through a really shitty algorithm gone rogue to someone’s in TwitterHQ „Yo! Let’s lock out those fuckers for daring to tweet in Cyrillic“, and I actually started with the reasonable one. For a platform like Twitter, everything else is just borderline stupidity and utter lack of planning capabilities of whoever approved it.

The first time I was locked out of my account I just accepted it, went through the verification procedure and just tried to proceed with my peaceful twitter existence.  THEN I got locked out for the second time in three days. And, funny thing, it was because of trying to answer to a tweet mentioning @jack in Bulgarian. And today, of all days, is the day we celebrate our alphabet and culture.

Meanwhile, there are Bulgarian accounts being attacked by cohorts and cohorts of bots.

I personally reported and blocked ~100 in the last two months but in some cases, the situation is way worse.

I do realize those Bulgarian accounts affected by Twitter’s shitty algorithm are nothing but a collateral damage in the war with bots. And every sensible enough person knows Twitter is on fire, figuratively speaking. What makes it even sadder is that Twitter is reacting to the fire by adding gasoline, literally forcing legit users out of the platform.

So… Let me say it once:

Let me ramble about books and engineering. Let me talk about gay culture and feminism. Let me enjoy pictures of cats and sip my tea on the everyday slaughter of the patriarchy. Let me be on Twitter so we can continue the fight together.

On the bright side, I might just forget I had Twitter, deinstall the app and just use the free time for more books, engineering, and general gay-being.

But let’s not forget…

Tell the team who planned that idiocy to go have a long, painful and full of self-discovery coitus with a cactus. And that I cursed them in 3 languages.

twitter fuckery

P.S. What is probably even worse is that I will keep on receiving the same verification code for quite a while. Last time they sent it 18 times.


how stupid could twitter support getYou can’t make up this amount of stupidity.  You. Just. Cannot.

Twitter support is practically useless due to the overall automation they apparently implemented.

„You’ve been locked out of your account and can’t access it? Please file a report after you log in to your account and access it.“

But one cannot simply log in ‘cos the verification code sent to their mobile phone is being delivered multiple times with few hours delay when the code itself is already expired.

One cannot make up such marvelously mindlessly obtuse „solution“ to user’s problems.

At least this one could not.